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Pets Paws & Pals
Nationwide Pet Relocation 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide the best possible pet shipping service in America. We are proud to be considered the best in the industry and strive to maintain this reputation through our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction

Shuttle Service

Express Shipping

Need to get your pet somewhere in a hurry? Express shipping has you covered.

Shuttle Service

If your flexible Shuttle Service is a great option? Share a trip with one other family and save some money. $$$

Flight Companion

Available for pets under 20 pounds. Your loved one will fly in- cabin with a companion.

Pet Tracking

Want to know where your furry friend is on its trip? We offer pet tracking for your animals free with PET EXPRESS.

Alternate Service 

  1. Automobile Transport

  2. Owner Ride Along

  3. Shipping Items 


Did you know we offered military & law enforcement discounts? Check out how you could get a discount on your next transport.

Commitment to Satisfaction 

We specialize in the transportation of pets across the country. With great care we safely and securely offer door to door service. Not everyone fully understands what it takes to truly care for a pet while on the road.


We understand that it’s not just an animal it’s a valued member of your family and will be treated as one. If you choose to use our service you and your pet will be treated respectfully.


We only require that your pet have no ticks, fleas, mange, or any skin parasites that may transfer to other animals. If your pet requires any special feeds or medications they must be provided at pick up with instructions.


These guys are great! They kept us in the loop and got our pup there in great shape. Will definitely use them in the future!

Meredith Wadsworth

Client Gallery

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