Pet Transport Tracking

    Tracking Your Driver

     When you ship a dog or ship a cat you want to know where it is and feel confident that your pet is headed in the right direction. From the moment you ask can I ship my dog or can I ship my cat the worrying starts. 

                               Tracking Process

 1.This service is called Driver Access  it is a paid for service during Ride Share and Shuttle Service while it is included with PET EXPRESS


 2. When we pickup your pet we will send a code to your phone that will allow you to track your pet .Simple and easy this takes the stress and worry away. 

Tracking Your Pet

In order to keep your pet safe during transport, we utilize Pintrac's LTE Pet Tracker. It is a collar that your pet wears during transport that allows us to monitor their activity levels in addition to their location.


If you want to learn more about Pintrac and their services, feel free to watch the video.

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