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Shuttle Service

What is Shuttle Service?

Shuttle Service by Pets Paws & Pals is a ground transportation service for pets.

Shuttle service is designed to save you money. The service is based on the concept of ride sharing. Your pets will share a ride with the pets owned by one other family. If this options doesn't fityou or your pets try one of our

 other services.

Transport Vans

All of our vehicles have Heat & Air Conditioning throughout the cabin

All vans are owned 

and operated by our employees when 

not in our vehicles the vans are owned by

Avis & Hertz


 All our drivers have years of experience and are personal pet owners themselves. We strive to make sure we are the best part of your moving experince


The fact that you are flexible allows us to take that into consideration and save you money. 

We carry up 3- 4 pets 

Shuttle service may carry

pets that are owned by no more than 

2 Families

Driver Updates

We will keep you updated regarding your pet and the status of the trip. This will occur while at travel centers and rest areas.

Not while driving

Always feel free to contact the driver if you feel the need too


Why Pets Paws & Pals?

We specialize in the transportation of pets across the country. With great care we safely and securely offer door to door service. Not everyone fully understands what it takes to truly care for a pet while on the road.


We understand that it’s not just an animal it’s a valued member of your family and will be treated as one. If you choose to use our service you and your pet will be treated respectfully.


We require that your pet have no ticks, fleas, mange, or any skin parasites that may transfer to other animals. If your pet requires any special feeds or medications they must be provided at pick up with instructions.

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