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Pet Express Transport

What is Pet Express?

Since our founding, Pets Paws & Pal's have worked with numerous clients throughout the United States. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting only the best to join our team.


Pet Express by Pet Paws & Pals offers our best in customer service and care for your pets. Your pets will be given the greatest level of care while experiencing their travels. Your pets will never be crated or confined. You treat your pets like family and so do we. You may book up to 48 hours in advance for Pet Express.


They will be driven by a two man team in a vehicle dedicated their transportation needs. When we stop for breaks your pets will be giving 30 minute walks. We can also under these circumstances do exactly what the owner wants us to do in regards to their pet.


You can request pictures at any time during their travel and will also have access to their location by tracking their travels through your mobile devices. Pet Express is just that the driver assigned to you will cover 1000 miles in a 24 hour period. If at any point during transit the driver / handler notices any behavior difference in your pet you will be contacted immediately while the driver gets your pet to the veterinarians office.


If for any reason you want to cancel Pet Express you must do so 14 days prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do cancel 14 days prior you will be given a full refund. If you cancel late you will be charged 20% of the total and refunded the remainder.

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