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Pet Transport Process

Picking & Understanding Your Service

1. First things first, you need to pick a pet transport service and understand that service. We offer two different kinds of pet relocation: pet express and shuttle transport. Pet express is a luxurious, one-on-one pet shipping experience that accommodates your every need. Pet express does not operate on a pre-planned route. Shuttle service is for those who want to transport their loved ones to nearby cities in the same state or across the country. However, please understand that regardless of what service you choose, your pet will receive the highest level of care possible.

2. Once you have determined the service you are going to use, you must feel fill out our form for a free quote. A coordination specialist will then contact you to make arrangements for transport. 

3. If you plan on using shuttle service, please ensure that someone is available at the time of delivery if not please use to have a boarder on stand-by so we can coordinate this for you.

4. Once you have made arrangements for your pet transport, please proceed to the next section regarding preparing your pet for transport.

Preparing Your Pet For Transport

1. We want to make sure your loved one(s) have a great time with us. However, there are a few things you can do to help us out. First, please make sure your pet(s) have been cleaned and taken to use the bathroom prior to us picking them up.

2. Please ensure your pet(s) have been placed in their carriers prior to pick-up. This applies to cats, not dogs, as we provide carriers for dogs.

3. If you have booked a service other than pet express or shuttle transport, a health certificate will be required.

4. If you are having a dog relocated, please make sure their collar is on tight and is suitable for pet relocation.

5. Please understand that there are blackout times with drivers. However, you can always track your loved one(s).

6. That's it! We hope your loved one(s) have a great experience aboard Pets Paws & Pals. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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