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What is Pet Transport and Why Do I Need It?

Updated: Feb 11

Pet transport is a process you may not have known the term for before, but after reading this blog post you’ll wonder how you never heard of it until now. Here at Pets Paws & Pals, we believe in empowering pet owners to be well-informed customers so that they can make educated decisions about how best to serve their pet’s needs. In the world of pet transport services, it can be a little difficult to navigate all of the different companies and options. Therefore, in this blog post we will discuss and unpack the basics of pet transport so you have a foundation of knowledge you can use in the future when making decisions that impact your pet, your family, your budget, and your relocation or travel plans.

When Will I Use Pet Transport?

Pet transport has a wide range of applications for both breeders and pet owners. Pet owners might use pet transport services when relocating or traveling for an extended period of time, such as when visiting family during the summer months or going on a sabbatical from work. Breeders will often use pet transport during the process of moving a pet to their new owner. Because pet owners often seek out breeders across state lines or even time zones, professional pet transport becomes indispensable as the link connecting breeders and owners across long distances.

Why Can’t I Do This Myself?

Perhaps you are in a situation where you found your perfect match in a pet, but they are currently living with a breeder a few counties away or even across state lines. You want to be united with your pet as soon as possible, but can’t take time off of work or family duties. Professional pet transport exists to serve pet owners in these very situations. Often, families are searching for the right match through a variety of breeders for weeks or months and when the stars finally align, the process snowballs very quickly (similar to buying a house). Pet transport by a highly qualified professional provider such as Pets Paws & Pals ensures the pet’s safety, health, and emotional needs are met during this significant milestone in their life. Or, maybe you are an established pet owner planning a relocation. Moving requires a superhuman amount of time and energy without having to manage pet transport as well. By outsourcing pet transport to professionals, you will ultimately provide your pet with an individualized and dedicated experience while you handle all the other details associated with your move.

What Types of Service Options are Available?

Most pet transport companies offer two types of pet transport services: individualized, companion services where one care team member is paired with your pet, and group-based pet transport where your pet is part of a chaperoned cohort all traveling to different locations. At Pets Paws & Pals, we offer four tailored pet transport experiences. The Shared Ride experience takes your budget for pet transport into account while also ensuring your pet has a positive social experience with other pets on a similar journey. The Pet Express experience comes at a bit higher premium for pet owners operating on a tight schedule or whose pets require an individualized companion on their solo trip. For pets who fly, our Flight Companion experience is available to provide a one-on-one travel nanny for ultimate convenience and speed. Finally, for local daily pet transport needs, our sister company Pet Companion fulfills the Shuttle Service or Pet Taxi experience needs of our neighborhood customers. For more information about each of our four service types and to book us for your upcoming pet transport needs, contact us today.

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