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What Should I Look for in a Pet Transport Company?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

As discussed in our previous post defining pet transport, there are now many pet transport companies that have sprung up recently as the industry has evolved to meet the needs of pet owners everywhere. This means that there are now a multitude of resources for pet owners and breeders who have need of professional pet transport, but it also means that the impetus is on these consumers to do their research when selecting a pet transport provider. In this blog post we will discuss how to systematically and efficiently evaluate potential pet transport companies to ensure your pet has the best possible door-to-door experience.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth recommendations and referrals are no longer limited to face-to-face and one-on-one interactions. A simple Google search of a pet transport company’s name will yield a litany of results including reviews by consumers just like you. It can also be helpful to view reviews done by breeders, as they are also pet care professionals and are uniquely equipped to evaluate the professional skills of pet transport companies. Beyond Google, you can use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to access more targeted reviews of pet transport companies for an even more thorough vetting. By spending a few minutes reading reviews of each pet transport company, the top qualified candidates will begin to emerge.

Have They Done Their Homework?

In addition to researching reviews of pet transport companies, it is also important to carefully assess their websites. A high quality and experienced pet transport company will make it easy to find examples of their qualifications on their website. These indicators may include proof of certification by an organization such as the USDA, information about safety procedures, and information about pet insurance. Pet insurance is not something that many pet owners like to dwell on, as it can be stress-inducing to think about something bad happening to your pet. However, information about pet insurance on a pet transport provider’s website shows commitment to all the details that go into ensuring pet safety, for every animal served in the pet transport process.

Years of Service

Many pet transport companies have their heart in the right place, but simply haven’t accrued the years of experience required to successfully serve pet transport needs on a large scale. It’s important to evaluate companies for their years of experience as well as their service delivery options and credentials. Pets Paws & Pals, for example, has been serving families and breeders and their pet transport needs for over ten years. Information about years of experience on a company’s website helps you have peace of mind when sending your loved one on a lengthy journey or even on a short crosstown trip.

The X Factor and Individualization of Care

Ultimately, you are the person who best understands your pet’s needs during the transport experience. You can trust your gut feeling when it comes to interacting with staff of a potential pet transport company and getting to know their services through information and testimonials shared by employees. Perhaps you responded favorably to a social media post by Pets Paws & Pals, and that’s why you’re here reading this blog entry. Though you might not be able to quantify your positive reaction, that is still a powerful indicator of what pet transport company will be right for you and your pet. Transport for pets does not have to be a complicated process when you have the right company in your corner. To learn more about how we ease this process and ensure all of your pet’s needs are taken care of during transport, visit this link or contact us today.

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